Vending Success ACCELERATOR 2.0

Are you Ready to Earn 
4, 5 or even 6 figures in your Vending Machine Business?


Have you had thoughts like:

  • Setting Up Vending Machines can be a tough task as a Solopreneur 
  • My Vending Machines are only meeting 50% of my income goals 
  • I love my Business, but I need something else. It’s time to do Grow with my business, but I don’t know what?! 
  • My legacy requires more than a few hundred dollars per month 
  • I want to become a Millionaire and support my family 
  • I want my business to give me freedom

I can help you:

  • Learn to Hire a TEAM to handle tasks you’d prefer not to do
  • Learn a New Love Language: MONEY and Manifest that wish!
  • Update your Business Profile and Brand immediately
  • Seek and Find Government entities as Clients and Customers
  • Take Actionable Steps within 3+ Streams of Income Opportunities
  • Create More Time for Who and What you love! 

What to Expect

* Bi-Weekly strategy coaching calls
* Individualized roadmap to success
Create a Powerful Business Profile

An above Standard Profile will prepare your business for engaging with potential financial partners and contractors to close contracts and get checks. Not the same as your Business Brand. 

Increase in Your Business Network

Build relationships with Local, County and State Government Officials who are in place to partner in future opportunities. Your Network is directly tied to your Net Worth! 

Receive Weekly access to our Online course 

Enjoy the strategy of "Dripped Content" to receive a manageable amount of assignments to conquer in a 7-day time frame!

Routinize Yourself

Reduce decision fatigue and overwhelm through wealth and health building habits by designing the Ultimate Morning Routine for Daily WINS!

When You Enroll, you will


            Become More Resourceful and Create 3+ Income opportunities for your Business.   

Become More Powerful. Financially Powerful. Physically Powerful. Emotionally Powerful

      Be Surrounded by BadAzz Bosses seeking Freedom just like you

Kaya Mason


Holistic Lifestyle Mother, Ambitious Rule-Breaking Daughter, Neo-Soul and Classical Sounds Lover and Classroom Science Teacher turned CEO of an innovative company; GAMS Global Solutions, Inc.

GGSI is a Specialty Vending Machine Business and Consulting Firm established during the Pandemic March 2020.

Kaya believes in High Value EVERYTHING she touches. She uses a unique Coaching-Teaching Style that reaches all Learners Virtually or In-Person.

Kaya speaks on the 4 Pillars of Structure, Systems, Sales and Salud. 


Added Vending Machines to her Bakery: Kaya was very thorough in her teachings. I completed her 3-Day Vending Business Mastermind. She was excited to share and made my experience personal! I appreciate her talent in teaching and her love for women of color!

Pamela D. (Alabama)

Chief Baking Officer, Delightful Treats

Kaya is phenomenal! She is personable and easy to approach. Her morals and habits are an inspiration to me and my daughter. She is an awesome Mom and Mentor. Love you Kaya!

Takima H. (NY)

Author and Coach

Kaya is the bomb! She is real and will tell me what I need to Drop and what I need to Do! I was scared to start my vending machine business, but Kaya made it possible for me to have access to her and show up for myself and my family. Being a GAMS Girl has changed my life! She is like a Cool Auntiee to Me and I respect her so much!
Chaquon C.  (Atlanta)

Vending Business Owner, Mom

Thank you, Kaya for guiding and inspiring me to make these moves. This morning, you predicted that I will have TWO locations by the end of the day. Guess what?! You were RIGHT!! Thank you for believing in me!

Kim W. (DMV)
Corporate + Vending Business Owner
Let’s face it, you are in Business to Make MONEY!


3 Top Actions you need to take:

  1. Expand your Customer Base {who are you serving? Are they your Ideal Client?}
  2. Explore Building your Network {get out and meet more business-minded people, join groups that will serve your new shift, Like our SisterHood}
  3. Enhance your creativity in your business {identify with your unique niche}  

How do I do all of those things, Kaya?

Enroll in our Upgraded Signature Coaching Program:


It’s our original Vending Success Accelerator 3-month program that was launched in November 2020. Get Ready, it has been JUICED UP to bring you, the Ambitious Vending Machine Business Owner, the strategy to Increase your Image, Income, Influence and Impact!

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to complete the VSA 2.0 Application. And Book a Time to Chat with Kaya to determine if VSA 2.0 is right for you!